What to Expect on your day for Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

To provide a general overview of what to expect on your day for UFE, we will walk you through the day of 'Amy'. Amy's procedure is scheduled for 9:00am at The Fibroid Treatment Center. Amy was instructed to not eat or drink after midnight since she will be given sedation during the procedure. Since she will be receiving sedation, she will need a friend or family member with her after her procedure to take her home and stay with her for 24 hours.


Amy and a family member or friend arrives at our out-patient facility. Some brief paperwork is done to sign-in.


Amy is brought back to the pre-procedure area and will change into a medical gown. An IV is started which will allow us to deliver sedation during and after the procedure. A medication is given through the IV to help prevent nausea after the procedure.


Dr. Harris will answer any last minute questions about the procedure and will finalize the consent forms for the UFE.


Amy will be brought back to the procedure suite. Intravenous sedation is given to help her relax and to prevent any discomfort during the average of 45 minutes it takes to complete the procedure. Amy's family will wait in our quiet lobby reserved for family members of patients undergoing procedures. Starbucks and other small eateries are within a short 5 minute walk of our center.


Dr. Harris will start the procedure by placing a small IV into the artery in the groin. Additional sedation and pain medications are given throughout the 45 minutes required for the procedure. Most women don't remember much from their procedure since they are lightly sleeping during the hour.


Amy will be taken to the private recovery area where she will gently awaken from her procedure. She will have to lay flat for about 2 hours after the procedure to allow the artery to heal and to prevent any bleeding. As she wakes up, her family will be brought back to the recovery area with her for the remainder of her time at The Fibroid Treatment Center. Once she is awake, she can have liquids to drink and some small snacks if she feels hungry.


After the artery has sealed (2 hours), Amy will sit up in a chair for about 30 minutes. This allows her to feel more back to normal. Any additional pain in the pelvis from the embolization will be treated with IV pain medications. Any nausea will be treated with IV nausea medications.


After Amy's pain and nausea are controlled (there will always be some), she will be discharged home with her friend or family member. She will be able to continue recovering in the privacy and convenience of her own home. No overnight hospitalizations or hotel stays are required with our treatment.

After about 5 hours at our center, Amy will have had a definitive, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for her fibroids. Although she will have some nausea and cramping over the next 24 hours, her recovery will be significantly quicker than most other treatments offered for fibroid disease. As early as 1-2 days she is encouraged to return to light activities at home or work. We recommend that women wait for 3-4 days before returning to heavy exercise or heavy lifting.

Video Tour of The Fibroid Treatment Center

In the following video, Dr. Harris narrates a short video tour of The Fibroid Treatment Center. This includes the check-in area for the procedure center, as well as a tour of the pre-operative, operating suites, and post-operative areas.

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