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The Fibroid Treatment Center occupies 11,000 sqft in Newport Beach, CA. The center consists of clinical space for fibroid consultations and an accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) where our procedures are performed.

Within our office, you can see our Physicians, get your MRI (if needed), and have your procedure. Most other offices require visits to 3-4 different locations to finalize each step.

Our fibroid center is one of the newest and most advanced in the country. By combining our office space and surgery space into one center, we can assure continuity of care and the highest quality for all of our patients.

In the following video, Dr. Harris narrates a short video tour of The Fibroid Treatment Center. This includes the check-in area for the procedure center, as well as a tour of the actual pre-operative area, procedure suites, and post-operative area.

Photo Tour of The Fibroid Treatment Center

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