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2013 Physician of Excellence Award

Todd S. Harris, M.D.Dr. Todd S. Harris was awarded the 2014 Physician of Excellence Award. This award is given by the Orange County Medical Association and published by Orange Coast Magazine. The award is given to only a small handful of physicians in Orange County and is awarded based on a range of qualifications (see below).

"I am very honored to have been chosen to receive this award for 2014. Being nominated by my patients, and being chosen by our Orange County Medical Association is truly one of the highlights of the year. To be recognized by my peers and patients makes all of the hard work and dedication to our patients worth every effort."   
- Dr. Harris, January 2014

About the Physician of Excellence Award

Every January, the Orange Coast Magazine publishes its annual health and beauty issue and lists Orange County’s Physicians of Excellence. The Physicians of Excellence (POE) program was started by the Orange County Medical Association in 2004 (published January 2005) to take the place of the Best Doctors program that was previously used by the magazine. The purpose was to localize the selection process and to have defined selection criteria that were easy to measure. Orange Coast Magazine liked the idea, and a new community partnership was formed.

The OCMA Board, when venturing into the POE program, recognized the fact that all physicians meet a standard of excellence simply by the fact that they have completed the training and education necessary to become medical doctors. However, there are some who go above and beyond in serving their profession and patients, and as a result, the OCMA Board believed that by creating the POE program it would be able to recognize and honor those physicians.

Now in its tenth year, the POE program has become recognized as a fair and unbiased selection process identifying those physicians in the community who have exhibited the skills, training and commitment to their patients and the community to stand out above their peers as physicians of excellence. While the program certainly doesn't honor all those in the county who would rightfully qualify, OCMA believes the program does an excellent job of selecting the utmost deserving on a year-to-year basis.

Visit the Orange County Medical Association website for more information:

Criteria for Physician of Excellence Award

To be selected for the 2014 Physicians of Excellence honor, applicants were required to meet the following baseline criteria:

Applicant nominees also were required to meet at least two of the following four criteria. The Selection Committee determined whether the applicant met the criteria, and in some instances, discretion was used.