Informational Fibroid Event Kicking Off In Nigeria – Fibroids Are A Worldwide Issue!

BellaNaija recognizes that in Nigeria and many other countries, medical conditions which affect women are under researched and there is so much misinformation out there. That is why they decided to media partner with South Shore Women’s Clinic for their conference focused on Advances in the Treatment of Uterine Fibroid in Nigeria.

As part of that partnership, in collaboration with South Shore Women’s Clinic, they bring you this updated fact sheet on Fibroids. Like The Fibroid Treatment Center, we understand that many women including BellaNaijarians struggle with fibroid diagnoses. They have heard so many heartbreaking stories which did not end well, therefore, the starting point is good quality information so you can make an informed decision if faced with a fibroid diagnosis. In addition, we hope that this sensitizes others, so the next time someone tells you that they “have fibroids”, you are informed and empathic.

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BellaNaija Nigeria

BellaNaija Nigeria

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