How HackensackUMC Doctors Saved Mom’s Fertility

MaryBeth Stancato of New Milford always knew she wanted several children. At the age of 37, the mother of three children and her husband wanted a fourth child.

But, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to have another baby.

“Two years ago, my cycle was changing in that both the duration and frequency of my period had increased,” Stancato said.

“I was getting my period almost every two weeks and it was lasting for two weeks. I constantly felt as though I had my period. And, it was very heavy.”

The bleeding was so heavy that Stancato was given a blood transfusion. It was determined that she suffered from a cervical fibroid, which is a benign tumor. When symptomatic, cervical fibroids can cause various clinical problems including infertility and most commonly, excessive vaginal bleeding.

Cervical fibroids are relatively rare as opposed to the more common locations in the uterus. In addition to bleeding, cervical fibroids can also block the endocervical canal (birth canal), cause recurrent pregnancy loss and obstruction of labor (dystocia) leading to high rates of cesarean delivery, cesarean hysterectomy, postpartum hemorrhage and blood transfusion.

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