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Linda Interlichia arrived alone at her family’s Cape Cod vacation home a half-mile from the beach last fall. Her routine there had been unchanged for years: She opened the doors to let the breeze flow in from the marsh and sat on the deck in the afternoon, sipping a glass of Chardonnay.

The second night, ease gave way to dread. Heavy pelvic bleeding left her faint, and the next morning, she drove herself to the emergency room.

It was, she confided to her husband, Frank, among the most frightening episodes in her life. The hemorrhaging under control, she returned home to Rochester, N.Y., and saw her doctor the same week.

To Mrs. Interlichia’s relief, her gynecologist, Wendy Dwyer, linked the bleeding to benign uterine growths, she said, and offered an enticing solution, a brochure extolling a robot-assisted hysterectomy through tiny incisions.


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