Dr. James St. George, M.D. Launches Innovative New Fibroid Center in Jacksonville

We are excited to see other physicians across the country recognizing that dedicated treatments for fibroids can help women understand all their options and receive top level treatments. We wish Dr. St. George all the best with his new innovative fibroid center in Jacksonville! Read below for more about this addition to the fibroid-centric model.

Jacksonville doctor, James St. George, announces the expansion and opening of his new fibroid center, serving the Jacksonville area. By offering women a minimally invasive treatment for fibroids, Dr. St George’s procedures act as a safe and effective alternative to hysterectomies. Allowing for minimal downtime and a 90-percent success rate, James St George M.D. is revolutionizing the way women treat uterine fibroids.

The newly expanded Fibroid Center will utilize the expertise of Dr. James St George. With a 20-year background in interventional radiology and vascular surgery, his approach to resolving fibroids is second-to-none. As a women’s health specialist, Dr. St George provides personalized treatment plans that deliver both maximum comfort and long-lasting results.

Although uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths, those that grow can interfere with day-to-day living. Symptoms can range from heavy and painful periods to infertility and miscarriage, the effects are often far-reaching and carry challenging consequences. For many women, the only treatment options are hormonal contraceptive pills and hospital surgery. While one is rarely a long-term solution, the other introduces the risk of surgical complications.

Dr. St George is bringing a new alternative treatment to women in the Jacksonville area. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UTE) uses accurate imaging techniques to target the arteries supplying fibroids. As a safe in-office procedure, its results are astounding. Once fibroids no longer have a blood supply, they stop growing and can shrink. In many cases, they die, leaving the body to reabsorb them.

With the absence of fibroids, those who suffer from them see a considerable improvement in their wellbeing. Fewer heavy periods means less pain, a controllable menstrual cycle, and a reduced need to depend on painkillers. For those who want to conceive, eliminating fibroids means removing barriers.

As Dr. St George and his team state, the best way for women to discover whether they’re candidates for UTE is to arrange a consultation. While using specialized imaging techniques and an analysis of symptoms, the Fibroid Center team can determine eligibility promptly. Most importantly, they work hard to ensure each patient no longer feels alone in their battle against uterine fibroids.

With a 90-percent reduction in symptoms, no hospital stay, and a staggering success rate, UTE is the kinder option for those combatting fibroids. As up to 70-percent of women develop them by the age of 50, this treatment has the potential to change lives. Delivered in a comfortable, professional, and friendly environment, those who choose UTE will feel at ease from start to finish. With the new expansion of the Fibroid Center in Jacksonville, Dr. St George and his team are here to provide life-altering therapies.

Company Information: The Fibroid Center in Jacksonville, Florida features an expert team of women’s health specialists. Lead by James St George M.D. and James Cunningham DO MA. The center treats uterine fibroids using high-end and minimally invasive technologies.

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