Black Women Await More Federal Research Into Fibroids

One of the interesting points that this article makes is that women often wait 2-4 YEARS before getting help for their fibroids! That adds up to a lot of missed work days, wasted family vacations, and too many months of suffering. Our goal at The Fibroid Treatment Center is to help educate women on their fibroids, and let them know there are options for treatment. There isn’t one treatment that’s right for every women which is why it’s important to find a specialized center that you can trust with your fibroid care.

Uterine discomfort and heavy bleeding has been a constant presence in Renee Brown Small’s life. “I was in my 20’s and I couldn’t go to the beach with my girlfriends because of the bleeding,” says Small.

Small is one of many African American women who suffer with fibroids— non-cancerous uterine tumors that can grow as large as a cantaloupe and often cause pelvic pain, along with other symptoms.The prevalence of fibroids — especially among African American women, who develop them at a higher rate — was a topic of discussion at the recent White House sponsored United State of Women Summit.



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