The Fibroid Treatment Center specializes in providing non-surgical, less-invasive uterine fibroid treatments for women.

About Our Center

Office consultations at the Fibroid Treatment Center include discussions about a womens symptoms, reviewing any ultrasounds, CT scans, or MRI's which have already been done, and discussing all minimally invasive treatment options for each women.

Since we are not a womens Primary Care Physician or her primary Gynecologist, a complete physical including a pelvic exam is NOT required. Women are encouraged to bring their significant other since there is no exam performed and no changing is required.

Most women who seek care at the Fibroid Treatment Center find the process very easy, stress free, and confidential. Within our office, you will have your consultation, get your MRI (if needed), and have your procedure. Most other offices require visits to 3-4 different locations to finalize each step. We feel that offering a comprehensive treatment within our center allows us to provide each women with the highest quality outcomes.

Learn more about Dr. Harris here:

Todd S. Harris, M.D.

Todd S. Harris, M.D.

Board Certified in General Surgery
Fellowship trained in Interventional Medicine

Video About The Fibroid Treatment Center

In the video below, Dr. Harris discusses what separates The Fibroid Treatment Center from other centers around the country.

Our office accepts direct self referrals from women with fibroid disease, or those women seeking a second opinion for fibroid treatment. No OB/GYN referral is required for consultations. Women who haven't been diagnosed with fibroids yet are also welcome to be evaluated. Our office offers ultrasound and MRI imaging to help diagnose fibroids.


*Robotic surgery is performed in the hospital due to the equipment that is required. Some imaging is performed at outside offices or hospitals.

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